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There will never be another film like Days of Thunder

The NASCAR action movie Days of Thunder captured the personalities and thrills of the sport, but we’re not likely to see a film like that ever again.

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I grew up a race fan even as a small child. I can remember sitting and waiting for the 20 min slots of the Southern 500 on ABC’s Wide World od Sports as that is all we could get back then. 

By the time I was 11 I was helping a neighbor on his stock car and going to the races. We were small time but I started to learn how racing really was. Yes everyone employed unfair advantages, they got mad at each other, they helped each other and all that mattered is winning. 

I recall seeing that they were making Days of Thunder and really expected it to tell the true story. Well they took true events and turned it into an overblown Hollywood story. I was never so disappointed. 

I get it making a Racing movie is not easy, but it is not impossible. Yes they have to embellish a bit and not always be technical. But there is no excuse for not making a better story.  

Also the move had way too much sparks and fire. Like most movies they lack story so they pump up the special effects and volume. 

While I may complain here I can easily point out the best racing movie 3ver made and that was a Grand Prix. The technical detail was well played as even then it was not easy to make this kind of movie. But also they  got the story right. 

In modern terms the movie Rush did a acceptable job of getting things somewhat balanced. No I am not a big GP fan but these are two on the subject of racing that got it right. 

As for me today I work in the racing industry. I am disappointed as I see NASCAR has gone the way of Hollywood. NASCAR today is mostly special effects and pumped up volume as they lack a real story since going to the Chase and Stages. You can’t fake a real story and drama with a bunch of contrived rules. 

For years we saw teams race and those who finished best won championships. We saw gamesmanship like the year Childress Racing we’re testing and swapped the tires around to break the record at Atlanta to sucker Roush into using a Yates car they knew nothing about. Earnhardt laid down a few fast laps and he and a Richard went fishing. No fires, flips and fake drama. 

The truth is if you look at a NASCAR movies Stroker Ace was more to the real thing than Days of Thunder ever was. Goofy, crazy and silly but Stroker really held more reality and was much more entertaining like NASCAR once was. 

Truth is racing in general today suffers as they are trying to be what it’s not to justify the high costs today. The people that lose here are the fans. Racing does not need to be bigger than a Football. The higher cost have lead to series losing their way. 

The days of the honest drama of Cale and the Allison’s fighting it out in turn 4 are over. 

The best we have today is Bowman Gray Stadium and the short track racing there from the type of teams that started this whole deal. 

Advanced Driver

You need to watch Greased Lightening and add your thoughts on that movie. As someone that used to go to the dirt tracks, did long distance road rallies, watched electric over the road long distance rallies be born and die, and who has done some Autocross I have to say that I thing Greased Lightening got really close, one of my second picks would be about 20 select minuets of Heart Like a Wheel.