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Then, as now, the 1967–76 Dodge Dart offers temptingly cheap thrills

The combination of little car, big (and tunable) engine, and low price compared to its competition was a winning formula back in the day. Half a century later, Darts are still one of the more tempting values in the wide world of classic American muscle. Read the full article on

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Dad bought Mom a brand new ‘67 Dart 2-door, white w/red vinyl bench seats and the 225 slant 6. Only options were the Torqueflite and an AM radio.  Two years later, when I turned 16, I found two chrome exhaust finishers from a wrecked Roadrunner and added these to the options list (bolted one to the chassis beneath the bumper on the right rear).  Caught a few double-takes on the street! Mom didn’t seem to mind.  When she approved my adding a cassette deck in the glovebox, the Dart became my go-to weekend cruiser and date mobile (PLEASE may I take the Dart?!?) through high school.  Even got to take it to college for a semester before I was able to scrape together enough to buy my own first car.  LOTS of memories ... all good.