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The world's most perfect Pontiac Firebird WS6 still rips | Hagerty Media

In the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay takes a spin in a 2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that he's owned since new. The T-top, six-speed car is pretty loaded and is equipped with the WS6 package, meaning it has 17-inch wheels, a road-hugging suspension, and Ram Air induction that brought the 5.7-liter LS1 to 325 horsepower, and perhaps a bit more.
Intermediate Driver

I'm sure Jay's brigade of hired automotive caretakers will be happy to hear such effusive praise of their work. Now, back to reality....10 below zero....just where ARE those jumper cables....
Pit Crew

I have a 2001 T/A except mine is a automatic. Two summers ago I had howling in the rearend, (bearings I found out ). Upgraded to a 376 gear and that sure makes a difference in acceleration! Now I want to lower and upgrade shocks. Any suggestions anyone? These cars in great condition are getting hard to find... If you have one, take care of it, it's going to appreciate in value quickly!
New Driver

I have this very car almost. Mine is automatic, same color, convertible. Less than 7k miles. My engine is not as spotless but it’s garage kept and never out in the rain.
Pit Crew

do what Jay always suggests, join a club, find a website devoted to 4th gen TAs.
they'll help you pick the best lowering springs and shocks for your planned uses....

Surprising, that even Jay Leno doesn’t seem to know about the Firehawk, as they are positioned above even the WS6 cars, and MUCH rarer my Hawk.

Good point. I remember when I saw my first Firehawk - I was like "why is there writing down low on that car" lol
New Driver

Fire hawk is rare. My 2002, automatic, convertible in blue is one of only 156.

Most perfect Firebird? Guess no one told Jay about the 89 Indy Pace Car Twentieth Anniversary. Bought mine new & it has 3100 miles. With the Buick GN GNX turbo 6 this bird flies & it doesn't automatically cut off ignition when you hit 105 either.

Waaaaaaaaay tooooooo much front overhang on those things.

Nice car, but I think that styling just has not aged well, it looks dated and not in a good way. I'm surprised that Jay didn't know the designation and history of the WS6 package. First introduced on the 1978 Trans Am, the performance package included higher rate springs, specific shocks and final drive ratio, larger sway bars, 8" wide wheels and bigger tires. The WS6 doesn't acronym anything, it's just the GM code on the build sheet, like F41 (HD suspension) and Z71 (truck off-road package). I miss Pontiac, and their performance culture, but good-riddance to the body cladding and excessive scoops and swoops.

A very nice car. However, those seeking a performance bargain or everyday driver may want to consider a 1997 model with the LT1 engine, which made the same amount of torque as the 1998 LS1, but more than 1,000 rpm lower on the tach. Many road tests back in the day made mention that the newer engine (while far more modifiable today) had noticeably less low-rpm "punch" than the legacy small block engine.
New Driver

I have a 2002 TransAm Convertible with 35,000 miles. It is not a WS6 but packs plenty of punch with the same LS1 motor. It is 1 of 9 in Maple Red Metallic for TA convertibles in 2002.
New Driver

I own 1998 red convertible ws6
Ram air love this car so much fun
Got it 2005 23.000 miles on her
Now she got 94500. Runs just as great as the day i got her
She up for sale on market page.
Taking her to my 40th class reunion should be fun .