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Hagerty Employee

The wild "Ghost" Pontiac embodies the spirit of 1939's New York World's Fair

In the 1967 film The Graduate, a young Dustin Hoffman is taken aside by a friend of his parents, Mr. McGuire, to receive some career guidance. “I want to say one word to you ... just one word. Are you listening?” McGuire tells Dustin. “Yes, sir,” the younger man replies. “Plastics!” says McGuire, “There's a great future in plastics."


If plastics had a great future in 1967, they were hot stuff three decades earlier, when synthetic polymer plastics first broke onto the market. Most automotive history buffs remember 1939's New York World's Fair for GM's wild "Futurama" exhibit; what they may not remember from that very same fair is the Ghost Pontiac, a four-door sedan trimmed in white rubber and bodied exclusively in acrylic. (We'll refrain from the poltergeist puns.)


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I read it twice to make sure they actually said it..... "the fate of the 8-cylinder car is not CLEAR"?



Me, too! I had to read it twice to believe it.

Pit Crew

Never knew too much about the car, but I’d love to see it


I had the good fortune of being the neighbor of Don Burt in St.Petersburg Florida. Don was the driver of a truck and trailer that delivered this car all over the US. for display. He had pictures of the vehicle used to transport the car and a million stories of the trips.

Jim O'Donnell

Pit Crew

There must be thousands of interesting recollections and stories about Pontiac and the people who built and drove them, but certainly not enough recorded stories of the Pontiac Motor Car Company and it's history beginning with the Oakland Car Company in Pontiac, Michigan. I started working at PMC in 1962 and was amazed by the throngs of workers coming and going around the clock who engineered and built the great cars driven today.


New Driver

"sniff but do not scratch" 😊


Looked it over at length at Leo Gephart's  shop in AZ. Was  impressed how well the "plastic" had held up at the time ( about 40 years).


"Clearly" a poster child for, just because you can does not mean you should.


Most inspiring car. Great view.


Has anyone ever contacted the GM Heritage Center to see if they are even interested in it? Saw it at St Johns on the stage, before the auction. It does belong in a museum somewhere. nice to know where it is. Should be hanging out with the stainless steel Fords!
BTW, concept cars are more like $1M+, not $460k...

Pit Crew

Perfect date car for the parents.  Here take my keys! 


It would definitely make troubleshooting a window regulator problem easier!

New Driver

Pretty cool


I saw this car at St. John's. If I had registered to bid I would have bought it. Whoever the owner is I am very interested in it. A message can be sent to Vintage Car Museum & Event Center at

Advanced Driver

I'd consider buying this. I mean, I can actually see myself driving it. 


This vehicle was part of the Frank Klepz collection in Terra Haute, In. for many years - I saw it personally in 2005. One of his other sought after cars was an original and operational Chrysler Turbine car.


and now it's time to leave it all behind.  Each of us have a credit card size of plastic in us, it's on mountain tops and the ocean. Everywhere.  Time to leave it under the ground and pump as lill of it as possible up onto the surface, spread around.  And this is said by a motor-head, restorer of 4 bronks (hottest on sales till this winter).

Amer Chemical Assoc (lobbyist for the plastics industry) sez "40% of the plastic made is for throw away." there is no 'away'. Probably unpopular but - lets see if we can reduce its use.  This novel project from 80 yrs ago wuz pretty neat. Today medicine, medical uses, etc are the few needs for the stuff. Today, avoid the throw away water bottles and anywhere else U can...Benjamin was right - the guy was sellin him a "bill of goods" one he nor the rest of us need... Sorry for the rant. Back to ur regularly scheduled program~


I believe the actual conversation between McQuire and Hoffmann went more like "... one word - plastics."

Hoffmann "Plastics?"

McQuire "Plastics"

Hoffmann "How so?"

Followed by the speech about plastics being the material of the future.