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Hagerty Employee

The Vixen 21 TD RV was the sports car of motorhomes

It’s long been said that finding a profitable niche and making the most of it is a surefire path to success. When muscle car pioneer Bill Collins decided it was time to move on from his design role at DeLorean (where he penned the original take on what would become the DMC-12), he turned his attention to that most neglected of ’80s market slots: the high-performance motorhome ...


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A small company in Montana is keeping the Vixen dreams alive by providing upgrades and service for the Vixen21.  The most recent development was installing Cummins R2.8 engines to replace the BMW 524TD.


It is obvious that Hagerty appreciates classis motorhomes.  With that said, why wont Hagerty insure classics like these or the GMC motorhomes?  As someone who has classic cars insured by Hagerty, it is very disappointing that I have to go elsewhere to get insurance for my classic GMC motorhome.  Hopefully someone at Hagerty will see the light and take care of their customers needs instead of losing their business to other companies...   Les

Hagerty Employee

Hi there Les! There certainly does seem to be quite a bit of overlap in the 2 communities. If you wanted to shoot me a DM I would love to chat!

Before I retired I spent about 2 years researching RV's and trailers and came to the conclusion that the Vixen was head and shoulders above any other RV, at least for a family of two. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to find. Unlike any other RV's, owners hang on to the Vixen (and the GMC) and keep them well-maintained. For what it's worth, I also realized that the cheapest and best trailer option is to buy an old model from the 50's or 60's and pay someone to completely rebuild it. You will end up with a trailer that is better made, better looking, and lighter than any modern equivalent, and at less cost. 


Good article. Bill Collins is not the only thing that the Vixen has in common with the DeLorean. It also used the same manual transmission!


A great article that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I couldn't help but think while reading this that if Hagerty has an interest in writing about this segment of the collector market, why do they not embrace the vintage RV market in their insurance plan.  I have had a number of Vintage Airstream trailers and Hagerty will not have anything to do with insuring these rigs despite the fact that they eclipse the value of my collector cars that they do insure.  If a reputable company would embrace this ever expanding group of vintage trailer owners they would have the corner on the market.  In the meantime, keep writing about this neglected market segment, I am at least enjoying that.

Hagerty Employee

Hi there @Artstreamstudio ! I would love to dig into this a little deeper if you could shoot me a PM!


I agree with 2 other writers below: why won't Hagerty insure vintage RVs?  I have 25 classic cars with them, yet had to go to State Farm to insure my '57 and '65 vintage German trailers.  Please Hagerty, read these comments and open up this new market segment for you (and for us)!

Hagerty Employee

@BenM , I would love to look into this a little deeper if you could shoot me a DM!

Pit Crew

it looks really neat

New Driver

Since the mid eighties to drive a Motorhome is allmost the same: the converted busses and trucks, which are not suitable for convienant or driver oriented style of driving, are still in use today. That is what makes the Vixen unique. There is a big market for people who like to go on a trip for maybe a long weekend and don't like to go to their storage to pick up their vehikle, or don't like to stay in a to small compartment like a VW california which can be parked near or at home. The Vixen has just the right size to keep it around close to home and to drive it like a normal car. The driving capabilities are way better because it is a pusher like a porsche, and it has the BMW 6 cylinder line turbo diesel engine. If you upgrade to a bit more modern BMW diesel like the N57, which start with 160hp, which is more than enough and gives you also less overheating on hilly routes. Who will be the next innovative camper builder, just like Bill Collins, the Vixen creator?