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The Urban Outlaw, the Hack Mechanic, and four old tires | Hagerty Media

As I mentioned last week, Hagerty's Larry Webster put me in touch with a video crew regarding a future episode of Hagerty's video series The Next Big Thing With Magnus Walker. If you're a car person, you likely have already crossed digital paths with Magnus. In case you haven't, here's his story in a nutshell.

"...hanger queen"? I think you mean hangar.

I once bought an old car with perfectly good tires, except they were out of date. The garage wouldn't complete the safety check (so I could register it) until I bought newer tires. So the Ministry of Transportation saved me from myself.
Intermediate Driver

I thought that was Richard Stallman. I didn't think he ever smiled, let alone take a selfie.

I used some stuff called purple power, its shocking how clean rims are under the caked on grime, and its also shocking how quickly they get dirty again.

I'm a former software engineer. Mad props for the Richard Stallman reference :^)

Thanks for this article, if we were as honest as you are and posted all our stories, we would crash the Hagerty servers. Here’s my personal antidote for my faulty logic now that I, too, have gray hair. Before embarking on a course of action, consider its most obvious failed aftermath. Now imagine your family, friends, or the Emergency Room staff saying to you afterwards, “You did what?!?”

Great article Rob!

I really love the bleeding wheel. If you did it right; I think there's some sort of Automotive equivalent to a Stigmata there. Maybe you can get Car guys (or maybe just BMW guys?) from all over the world to come and see your Clown shoe's (Clownshoes?) Stigmata? Well, it's a thought. 🙂
Think of it as a great way to sell the "Hack Mechanic Hot Wheels!" An excellent idea, I thought.

I'm a bit surprised you didn't dig around Craigslist etc and just find another set of nicer wheels with slightly better tires on them that you could slap on the car for the shoot? I suppose that was a bit uncharitable, but you did ask to be flogged. 🙂

Regarding "What is seen can’t be unseen. What is known can’t be unknown." As the great and powerful philosopher Swamibob once commented; to this very quotation: "Perhaps not, but a good concussion can fuzz up a lot of memory!" 🙂