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The unlikely birth and untimely death of Buick’s two-seat Reatta

Buick’s first and only two-seater was conceived more than a decade before its birth. A new leadership team arrived at the brand in 1975 with direction to grow its product line, image, and sales. “I had specific ideas about what we wanted to do product-wise,” then-Buick chief engineer Lloyd Reuss told me in a 2005 interview. “Our volume was not where we wanted it to be, and we were too much like Oldsmobile. So there was a major decision to move away from Olds and more toward Cadillac. We wanted an upscale sportier image—call it sporty elegance.”


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There is a man in our town who owned the local Buick-Pontiac dealership back in the years when Reattas were in production.  He eventually bought five of them in various years and body styles and kept them, driving each occasionally.  

I'm not sure how many he still owns but I see him driving a red convertible and a silver coupe with a black top every now and then.  

I sure hope he didn't buy them as investments but I'll bet he did.

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