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The Trade: Selling one car to buy another, with no regrets (OK, some)

Last week, I wrote about the two biggest enabling factors in buying and owning more cars than I should—inexpensive insurance and ample storage space. I left out the most obvious one—money. But there’s a reason ... Read the full column on



1988 E30s and E28s still had the big five mile per hour impact bumpers. It's easy to spot a 1988 E30, because it was the one year that combined big bumper with big tail lights, ellipsoid headlights, and flush-mounted fog-lights. They also had the highest standard equipment levels of the run, which is why I consider 1988 to have been peak BMW. 

Pit Crew

I hadn't planned on selling my 1984 Toyota Celica Supra P-Type.  I'd toyed with the idea, but I hadn't done anything.  Then two weeks ago, a guy walked into our reception area and asked at the window to speak to the person who owned the Supra, because he was there to buy it.  So now I have a vacancy, and the list awaits.  I bid on an RX-7 at BaT, but it went for crazy money, and I was the only person in the auction that had actually seen it and driven it.  Now I am looking at a 1987 944S at a decent price.  They were three times the price of my 1988 CRX Si at the time, and this one sure is a pretty metallic blue...

Intermediate Driver

With an entire 'motor-universe' of wonderful automotive experiences available to us in the vintage/collectible category, I have never been able to understand limiting oneself to one brand, particularly for a multi-vehicle collection like Rob has. Yes, there's the comfort of familiarity, but it's ultimately so constricting. Every article, every story, every acquisition, every experience in this series is all-BMW, all the time. Well written, but pretty narrow focus.


I couldn't agree more with the writer's sentiments.  I too have a collection of 80's/90's Hondas and Acuras that I dreamt of owning in middle/high school/college, and frequently trade out some of my collection to make room to "experience" another acquisition from this time period.  Similarly, my primary limitation becomes space; such a precious quantity with this hobby.  I was able to recently replace a vintage 4th generation Accord and heal a tragic case of seller's remorse after parting with mine a little over a year ago when I was seduced by the beautiful design of a 1990 Acura Legend coupe....So it goes I guess.  That's what makes this hobby so satisfying, the search for the next one!


I quite enjoy your articles, as of the struggle of owning and trying to keep up on maintenance for several aging German cars is real 🙂 My OCD has to make a small correction though- "The six-cylinder E30’s M20 engine is the only engine BMW built that uses a timing belt instead of a timing chain". Although the M20 is by far the most common, the M21 diesel engine that came in "24TD" models available here in the US (such as the E28 524TD) had a timing belt as well. Keep up the good fight for old German metal, sir. 

Intermediate Driver

That was a good read. It's amazing the similarities between his experience & mine when it comes to buying prospective cars, with the intention to fix up & sell with a profit. Foreign cars never turned me on that much although I've owned a few with mixed results. My thinking is, if you keep anything long enough, you'll probably make a profit. I'd just rather drive something, when you stop for gas, people come up to you & want to talk about your ride.

Intermediate Driver

I had a problem many years ago with collecting mostly undriveable cars but was cured when I got married. Since then, I've been a one fancy car owner. Funny how that happened...

Intermediate Driver

Regrets in life are a terrible thing in life in general.  Living with those regrets as a car collector means you just have to get bigger garages.

Intermediate Driver

I have read many of these articles... looking for the "why", but never find it. I am strongly attached to the automotive world but am also from the land of "order".... so I maybe that explains it.