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The top five entry-level classic muscle cars | Hagerty Media

Muscle cars exist for one reason: To get down a straight two-lane blacktop as quickly as possible. But automakers have long paired performance options with convenience or luxury features, which invariably increase price and weight. And they're easy to justify. After all, air conditioning and power switches are handy and only decrease speed marginally.

I'm pretty sure that the illustration on this story - a four-door businessman's Plymouth sedan and/or grocery-getter family car - was the best choice for an article purporting to be about "classic muscle cars" 😁 

   I get it that this is supposed to be about entry-level purchase ideas, but that ad picture surely wouldn't inspire me to think that that car says "muscle".

   However, it is true that the "true" muscle cars of the past are mostly out of reach for most of us, and that looking for alternatives and retrofitting things to approximate the fun-factor of the real thing is attractive.  I've done it myself.  And I've also been chastised for "fakery" and taking an example of the original "every-day ho-hum-mobile" off the road instead of preserving it in its original state. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I can take it - but my best argument is that if you can take a vintage vehicle and extract the most fun and joy - for YOU - out of it, where's the crime in that?

   I'll likely get some more chaff on that - as in, "the crime is in destroying an 'only original once' car and in 'diluting the herd with a clone'" comments.  But hey, I'm not running a museum or trying to flip copies disguised as originals.  I'm just having a blast driving a car that lots of people like looking at and that brings a grin to many faces and plenty of thumbs-up.  If someone else can get that pleasure by getting one of these five cars - or others like them - I say "go for it" and just let the haters hate...