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The top ’70s truck stripes and graphics

The ’70s were not terribly kind to many of our favorite car brands and models. Engines were sapped of power to limit emissions, big bumpers bloated formerly elegant designs in the name of lower repair costs, and overall, designs got kind of blocky. Some cars managed to survive the era with their good looks intact, while trucks seemed to thrive. Sure, they also took a hit to their power ratings and hadn’t quite made the transition to do-it-all suburban chariots they are today. They did, however, offer buyers plenty of character with factory-built or dealer-added graphics. We have many more cab and bed configurations to choose from in our trucks today, and they’ve never been more powerful, but I wouldn’t mind a little flavor like the following pickups and SUVs.


Here are my favorite graphics from the fabulous ’70s, one—or three— per truck/SUV brand, as decided arbitrarily, and unilaterally, by me … someone who wasn’t even around in the 1970s ...


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There was one in 1990 that with a little tuning and massaging to the engine caused some to tremble: 454 SS. And I wonder if Ford will recapture the past by bringing out a Big Oly Bronco...

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