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The tip of the problem with spark plugs and wires

A friend of mine messaged me recently asking if I could walk him through the process of adjusting the valves on a newly installed engine in his BMW 2002. Since, as I wrote in this story a few years ago, valve adjustment needs to be done on a dead-cold engine; the thing to do was for me to come to him. It wasn’t hardship for me to drive one of the cars the hour from Newton out to Worcester on a cool Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend. The fact that my friend is a veteran made me all the happier to do him the favor.


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One thing I might check is the cap side of the plug wires.  As with inline 5 Audis of the day, not only did the plug end of some wire sets come with small and large connections, but the caps also could be "large" bore with "empty" centers requiring a wide plug connector, but they could come with small center towers in each cap opening requiring a similar type of clip needed on plugs without the terminal nut.

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