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Hagerty Employee

The Texas Trailblazer: In conversation with motorsport icon Jim Hall

Jim Hall's list of accomplishments reads like that of man who, through sheer force of will, managed to eke out 25 hours of work per day. In fewer than two decades, the trailblazing Texan transformed the landscape of professional road racing, developed a technical alliance with General Motors, demolished numerous records, and even won an [...]

"...led bags"?
Advanced Driver

Truly one of the leading "lights" in racing's Age Of Innovation. Racecar developments were as fascinating and entertaining as the on-track action, at least for me. Some of us were always anticipating what Jim Hall was going to show up with.

Nice interview. I always admired the aerodynamic achievements he pioneered in racing.
New Driver

I would of liked to of seen a discussion about Jim Hall's "vacuum car" that had fans underneath to actually pull the car to the ground. If I remember right; it was banned before it was ever raced.
Another example of his completely thinking out of the box. Thanks
Intermediate Driver

once again Cameron, great story; great images.

Jim Hall, along with Mark Donahue were the two guys from the US that were mechanical genius who took their engineering education and applied it to auto racing like nobody had before. Funny how he got the hooked first in the no rules road racing. Lucky the 100 didn't catch on fire! The vacuum cars did run is several races. As I remember they used snowmobile (2 cycle) engines to drive the fans. They would pick up all kinds of stuff off the race track and kick it up into the air. You could actually see the car suck down to the road when they cranked up. Just part of his genius and guts. Jim built everything from the Trans Am Camaro to Indy cars. Few have ever spanned that many racing series.

Good interview. Nice article.