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Hagerty Employee

The Subaru 360 is no Ferrari, but it's a thrill nonetheless | Hagerty Media

The kids were staring as we passed Bowman Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts. They grinned, and shouted, "What kind of a car is that?!" They'd never seen anything like it! Neither had a young woman who was visiting the United States from Japan for the first time, some years ago.

I really want his hair. Fabulous article, I live these cars.
Intermediate Driver

My older brother and I used to lift up the front ends of these at the local dealership when these were new. Hyde park motors Chrysler shop used to sell them, later on they also sold Peugeot autos... Loved the 505s.... The store is now leveled, I actually just purchased an 04 crossfire That was sold there...

I was stationed in Japan in 1967-68. The lead guitar player in our band(that's right, a band. We worked at the EM Club 7 nights a week, four hours a night at...hold on, here it comes...$1.50 an hour!) had a 360 van!. I'm not sure of these rules still exist but back then in Japan cars were categorized for road tax purposes. Anything 360 cc's and below escape the road tax and the annual inspections. The front floor of the van had bottomed out so many times you could see pavement through the from floor! We drove it anywhere and everywhere. A fad of the time was to chrome plate the entire hood on the 360's. I had a Mazda 360 pickup but that's for another day.

Sounds like someone I’d like to have a beer (or three) with. Love his collection.
Intermediate Driver

I'm glad to see Jon is still driving both his 2CV and the '360. He was a fixture at Charles Gould's annual Microcar Classics, and I was pleased to be able to keep up with them on those events' long tours into the Massachusetts countryside in my Goggomobil Coupe. Such good memories of adventures in tiny motoring!
Pit Crew

We will a well-sorted example for bid on Bring A Trailer very soon.

Bill Penny
Oregon Motor Company

"the gas tank sits directly above the engine". The same reason that the Model T didn't need a fuel pump, and the earliest model Porsches had a manual fuel shutoff on the dash to keep the fuel tank from flooding the carb when the car was parked.