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Hagerty Employee

The SSC Tuatara is now the fastest production car in history—by a shocking margin

When SSC CEO Jerod Shelby arrived at the end of the seven-mile stretch of Highway 160 outside of Pahrump, Nevada, his stomach sank. The SSC Tuatara hyper car was parked, tire engineers already scurrying around the vehicle like worker bees. But Oliver Webb, the race car driver hired by the hyper car constructor to attempt the world record top-speed run, was seated on the ground, head in his hands. It looked as if Shelby’s goal to hit an average speed of 312 mph—500 kilometers per hour—would remain out of reach, despite Webb’s prior run of 301.07 mph.


That is, until Webb looked up at Shelby and said, “I saw a big number, Jerod. I saw a big number but I was saving the car, so I don’t know how high I got.” Webb was right; just as he was fighting to save the car from a terrifying crosswind that nearly blew him off the road north, he had seen a big number. As the data trace would reveal moments later, he’d seen 331.15 mph ... Read the full article on



DAMN!!!!  331.5 MPH while getting pushed sideways by a cross wind...  DAMN!!!!


What a car and What a driver!

Pit Crew

Loved this.....all so very interesting. Good looking car to boot.



Why wouldn't thy do the run at Bonneville; a very flat, straight run of miles? FIA gets that and so do all of the world record LSR people..

As far as "production" goes, how many have they made to qualify as production?


Glad they got a good designer on the job so that it doesn't look like a homemade job like their last car. Very impressive feat to say the least! And I'm looking forward to seeing how it does on a road course to show it's an all-around car. As another Shelby once said, and I'm paraphrasing: Anybody can put together a car, that really isn't that hard, it's developing the car where the hard work is and what makes it a great car.


Very cool, will be waiting to see/hear how it does on the road course.

Intermediate Driver

It says this is the "Fastest Production Car" and I am wondering if these are available to the public or is it a one-off?

Intermediate Driver

Amazing feat, but certainly not a production car at this stage.


Corvette should look a little more like this and less like a Camaro.  Sorry I know that might come off jerk-ish.  


the important missing figure... 1.6 million


that's about 5 grand per MPH

Advanced Driver

And this 'production' car costs how much?  In what locales is it legal for sale??

Pit Crew

That is FAST!!  More than double the fastest I have ever driven a car. (156mph in a 65 Mustang back in 1968)  I used to almost daily (from the late 60s through 2000) drive in excess of 100 & I have a hard time imagining how it would feel to hit in excess of 300 MPH