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Hagerty Employee

The SS Dolphin is the hybrid “Corvette” you never knew you wanted

Americana is alive and well in China: Be it my buddy getting paid ¥100 an hour in his ex-pat days to teach the son of a government official’s mistress how to speak English with an American accent (meeting at the local Starbucks, ‘natch) or Songsan Motors’ latest creation. The latter is, ahem, heavily influenced by Chevrolet’s first-generation flagship sports car. Your eyes do not deceive you—the SS Dolphin is indeed Songsan’s turbocharged, plug-in-hybrid-powered take on the 1958 Corvette.


Maybe we aren’t so very different after all?


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Intermediate Driver

Seriously ugly!

Pit Crew

The offense is war worthy!

Pit Crew

It's better than some of the North American recreations. the T-bird comes to mind.

Intermediate Driver

Looks like a major theft of intellectual property. This is a crime against automotive history and should be food for the crusher only.

New Driver

Looks like it is balloon and someone over filled it with air.  Nose and rear end are both just wrong.  It's is just wrong on so many levels.


About as useful as the virus they sent us.



Intermediate Driver

The profile is certainly unfortunate. 

New Driver

I want the real deal or nothing at all. I view it as an automotive blow up doll