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The slippery slope of engine compartment cleanup

Last September, in the good old pre-virus days—when you could drop everything, borrow a truck, rent a U-Haul auto transporter, drive 5 1/2 hours each way to look at a car (so you’re prepared, just in case you want to pull the trigger on it), drag the car back, and spend hours in a garage breathing the same air with someone you’ve never met—I bought a 48,000-mile 1973 BMW 2002 from its original owner...


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well, you could buy something for $45 and using all 4 cans, paint the item in the same rotation and timing, thereby creating a whole new item only investing $90. LOL. reminds me of something I always wanted, a 67 Chevy Pickup, maybe their best styling job ever. ONE PROBLEM; its a 3/4 ton, how hard could it be to change it to half ton..........................lets just say it would have been cheaper to buy a donor rustbucket except that they don't even exist anymore.

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