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The seldom-seen 1971 Plymouth Cricket was an epic failure | Hagerty Media

Like going a movie and realizing the previews are actually better than the film, we had a great time perusing what readers had to say about a 1971 Plymouth Cricket for sale on Craigslist. The Aztec Gold Metallic-painted Cricket, located in North Carolina, is claimed to have traversed just 22,322 miles since new.
New Driver

Bought one in pea soup green that was a year old for $750. It was school transportation. I once drifted it and all four tires partially came off the rim leaving me with 4 flats.

It was definitely a let down from the Austin Healy 3000 that proceeded it. I kept it about 6 months and traded it with some cash for a 71 Karmann Ghia convertible.
New Driver

New Driver

My brother’s girlfriend had a Cricket in a nauseating version of green. The rear doors only opened part way and it was impossible to actually open them enough to get in through the back door. Seeing this, I questioned my brother’s judgment for picking a girlfriend. They weren’t together long after that…
New Driver

The first car I owned-Green w/yellow wheels, like a John Deere tractor...except that THEY are reliable! 30 years later I still carry a full tool kit in my car. BUT-everything I know about cars I owe to this one & the sympathy of a kind mechanic who taught me how to do repairs & became a good friend. He gave me cursing lessons & taught me how to stand up to auto dealers when I was a naive young woman! The car's top speed was 62 mph going down a steep highway with a tailwind! It should have come with a net to catch the parts that fell off, but it WAS a learning experience!
New Driver

Well, having just purchased a 1969 Sunbeam Alpine Coupe, I am now in the market for a 1971/2 Plymouth Cricket. Any leads:

Thanks, Chrysler Rootes fans!