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Hagerty Employee

The second-generation Dodge Viper might be peak Viper

There is a certain type of person who is skeptical of the first generation of any car. If that's you, count yourself in good company with Jay Leno. Case in point: his Dodge Vipers. He enjoys his first-generation car and is happy he bought it, but it is the second-generation car that really gets his oil flowing.


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Here is the deal on the Viper. It is a cool car and holds some value. 

But a Cobra it is not. Cobras are much more rare. Most were raced and many were well used up. For a long while people avoided them because they were hot noisy and worn out. 

On the other hand the Viper is still easy to find and most were driven on weekends and wiped clean when put away. This will hold values in check for a good while as supplies are still matching demands of this model and it is not like you turn one down you are not going to find another. 

But on the other hand the let’s more people able to afford a Sports  car that is very different and still draws a crowd. To me that is greater than becoming a investment car that could get so expensive you become afraid to drive it with less than Nick Mason money. 

Also no real crazy expense if you drive it with 30k maintenance and pulling an engine. 

I just with It had two more pistons for a less flat sound.

Intermediate Driver

If I could afford one, I'd take a a 2016 GTS and make it Yorange, thank you. I love the dual mode suspension, traction control, plus the last gen looks the best and has the interior the Viper always deserved. 640 HP doesn't hurt, and if you feel you need it, 800 reliable Hp is a few relatively simple mods away.