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Hagerty Employee

The Rules of Attraction apply to cars and quilts alike

During the past 10 years, my wife has become an avid quilter. Our passions are often displayed in parallel after dinner. I'll duck out to the garage to do a few things, and she'll say, "I'm going upstairs to play with fabric."
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Rob, I think your wife has the patience of Job. I really admire her artistry. On the other hand, when a car repair starts going sideways, I can always reach for a bigger hammer.
Intermediate Driver

When I evaluate a potential purchase, I always say there are generally 3 areas to look at 1. Electro-mechanical, 2. Body/Paint (including glass, trim etc) 3. Interior. If it's the car you want, the price is right, and it has some shortcomings in one of the 3 areas, it's worth considering. If it is 2 or 3 areas of shortcomings, well, you can make a car by hand cheaper - it's not worth doing no matter how much you want the car.
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The period of life you're in also makes a difference. In late '59, as a 7 year old, I spotted a new black '60 Starliner and was smitten, although I was already a "car nut". I own a black '60 Sunliner today.
In my early twenties, and pretty poor, I was finally thinking about my first new car. Car and Driver touted the little boxy BMW as the "best $3,500 car". I thought "that's an overpriced box- the Datsun 510 is $1500 less for pretty much the same car, and better looking too". Then the BMW snob crowd further prejudiced my perception to this day. That's my perception- whether valid or not. I do like Robs stories, though!

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Well said and well shared, at least on my part. Both my classics, my E-Type and my Sunbeam Harrington were early attraction for me, the E going back to when I was about 10. Like so many, the first time I saw it you and thought, 'WHAT IS THAT??!!'
But one thing you left out is how there is an evolution in these tastes. I have found as I age that I still love hard rock, but now like jazz too. As a youngster, I loved the lotus Elan but not mid-engine cars which always had, to my eye, poor proportions, like the Porsche 914 or the Lotus in your story. But as I have aged, I find I love those very different lines and would love to have a twin cam Lotus bread van someday. Or even a Fiat X19. How far from the lines of the E is that? What appeals to the eye (and ear) can evolve.
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Absolutely true.

Agreed. I know what I like and if someone understands it great, but if not I'm fine.
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Rob: There are any number of cars, makes/models/years that cause me to drool uncontrollably over them! At this stage in life, knowing that I'll never own the majority of them allows my dreams to be unsullied by the reality of owning/driving them. I generally don't care for cars older than I am, but the lines of the '49 Cadillac just suck me in; conversely, like you, I'm also a pushover for the BMW 8 series, (the interior doesn't faze me). In my eyes, there are very very few dashboards that can top the sixty's Chrysler "Space Age" pods, or the Pontiac's gorgeous displays! I guess that why we're drawn to sites like this and how we know "our people"!!! 🙂
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I totally agree about early 60's American dashboards with their great swoopy chrome forms.
Pit Crew

Is there a subliminal gear wheel motif going on in that quilt?
Community Manager

I too would like to know the answer to this question. 


The best thing about going to a Lotus gathering is that when yours won't start so you can go home you will have lots of company and between the bunch of you there will be enough tools, booster cables and expertise to get everyone started and on their way!!!

I forgot to mention your wife makes really nice quilts.
Advanced Driver

Excellent article, Rob, one of the best I've read here!
And it's nice to know my second generation Supra is in what I'd call very good company.

- Jim
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My wife is in to knitting, and let me add one other benefit of the fabric arts: your spare parts collection is REALLY lightweight. Once she asked me to move a few boxes packed with yarn. They weighed about 6 oz apiece. Now think of boxes that are packed with starters, or exhaust manifolds, or those boxes where you've lost track of the contents, but they still weigh a ton. Yea, yarn has its advantages.
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Her spare parts are a lot prettier than mine. Smell a lot better too.
Intermediate Driver

I love the "Please do not touch" sign next to the quilt!
In some ways, the quilt & car worlds may not be that far apart.

Thank you Rob; for reminding me of the word 'taxonomy' and using it correctly in a sentence. 🙂

Beyond that, excellent article and thoughts on the human species. Fortunately, for me, I didn't get too imprinted when I was younger. My family was a Rambler and AMC family. We had a lot of Americans, Matador's Rebels, Gremlins etc, while I was growing up. As I look back now the only thing that could've been worse was growing up in a Mopar family. 🙂
Yes, that was cruel, but it was funny!
I did grow up as a car guy and a slot car racer and collector and both of those passions inform (or maybe haunt is a better verb) me to this day.
I grew up reading Hit Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Car Craft etc and somehow settled on A-body GM cars as my metier. Chevelles mostly, but I do love a Tempest (Lemans) or Special (Skylark) also. As I get older I find I'm more attracted to the models from '64-'67 and the newer ones are just not my thing.
In slot cars; I did get imprinted with Aurora T-jets when really young and in spite of Tyco cars being faster, something about the pancake motor stuck to me and LOT of other people too. I race T-jets all over the country with people, from many walks of life and we all enjoy racing and a lot of us enjoy collecting the little cars. I spend a lot of time, in both of my main hobbies/passions, building and driving and enjoying. Lots and lots of smiles, either walking into my shop and seeing my El Camino or Tempest or walking into my basement and looking at my slot cars and racing them.

There is much joy and tranquility to be had in embracing such passions. In these difficult times it might even be more important to our overall health to find such things that simply help us to smile.
May I also say, I really dig the quilts! Most impressive. Most impressive indeed.

Spot on!

It’s the sound and the feel of a V8.

Specifically a nailhead V8 Buick. As a little kid the gentle rumble of the 401 was different from Dad’s 455 Buick and Mom’s 327, the 440 magnum was aggressive, but the Buick… it just felt and sounded right.

I can close my eyes and distinctly remember the sound of the door closing, the key in the ignition, the spin of the starter, all of it.

I’ve owned it longer than anyone, it’s been in the family since new. I tried explaining why I am so resistant to a LS swap, but few get it. The car has soul, and that beautifully heavy, low power 401 nailhead is a big part of it.

My wife, my best friend, she gets it too.
Advanced Driver

Beautifully put.