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Hagerty Employee

The Renault R5 Turbo is smoking hot | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 01 | Hagerty Media

The Renault 5 Turbo is hot-hatch fire: imagine if today's hot-hatches out-accelerated and out-handled today's mid-engine Ferraris. The R5 Turbo beat up on the contemporary Ferrari 308 - as well as every other supercar - by moving its turbocharged engine to the back, where rear seats used to be.
New Driver

Great video on a car we never saw in the USA, to the best of my knowledge. I first learned about this car from the BBC series "Top Gear" some years ago, and must say that Renault did a most impressive job designing it for the intended purpose. A very 'hot' hatch, but way too expensive and impractical for a daily driver.