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Hagerty Employee

The Red Room is the crimson jewel of the Haynes International Motor Museum

You probably know ex-RAF officer John Haynes (1938-2019) as the man behind the popular repair workshop motor manuals. He once said that his book publishing was very good to him, and that Haynes International Motor Museum was his way of giving something back. (The museum is an educational trust.) Opened in 1985 under the direction of Richard Noble, who is known for breaking the land speed record in 1983 at a velocity of 633.468 mph, the Haynes International Motor Museum is located the village of Sparkford in the heart of rural Somerset, U.K. It is a living and working environment with over 400 superb cars, bikes, and motoring memorabilia from around the world in collection displayed in 19 individual exhibitions. Staff call it a “Museum in Motion.”


Of these exhibitions, the most famous is “The Red Room,” displaying more than 40 red sports cars from around the world. Most vehicles are owned by the museum but it accepts donations and long-term loans for the collections.


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What an amazing collection of fantastic cars! The article mentions "...varying shades..." but they all look to be the same. 

New Driver

Looks like it did the first time I was there about 25 years ago.

New Driver

There's a guy out on Cape Cod who has a collection of almost all red cars - few as nice as these - Toad Hall - Haven't been there in at least 15 years.   


What a wonderful red overload! 

Pit Crew

I visited the Haynes Museum when I was working in London 5 years ago. This museum should be on everyone's to do list. The entire collection is spectacular and the Red Room is a sensory overload. This is one place that should not be missed and I cannot wait to return.

Pit Crew

Vast majority of cars appear to be the same shade of RED, which is astonishing!!

Intermediate Driver

I had the opportunity to visit this museum after a trip to Brooklands, Gaydon and Beaulieau. This museum topped them all! I was hoping for a bookstore too but no soap. I got to see my second Gordon Keeble. But the most memorable event of my tour was a huge puddle of oil. Yep it was an MG that was providing the leak that made me feel right at home.

This museum is a definite must see. Almost as good as the Sclumph collection in France which is my number 1.

Intermediate Driver

Quite a varied collection.  Love the Gilbern.  They didn’t even mention the Lamborghini or Ferraris.  Curator needs to brush up on his Mustang knowledge, though.  Radio was installed way after that car rolled off the assembly line.  Although a stereo 8-track was available as an option, a cassette deck with LCD display was obviously added much later than 1966.

Pit Crew

Professional Car Parker?


New Driver

I wonder if they have a flame red 1986 Fiero GT, with it's sexy smooth lines and curves, reminiscent of the finest European designs...?

New Driver

I wonder if they have a flame red 1988 Fiero GT, with it's sexy smooth lines and curves, reminiscent of the best European sports cars...???