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The real reason why electric cars are so fast | Know It All with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 01 | Hagerty Media

EVs are the quickest cars on the road, and it's not just in drag races. They're especially fast in the real world, and it's because of how they respond. It's not actually the instant torque of the motors that provides the advantage, it's the lack of multiple gears in their transmissions and the shape of [...]
Advanced Driver

The real reason that they're invariably slow in traffic is because their hundreds of pounds of batteries carry as much energy as a four pack of Red Bull. Their drivers are terrified to use any of the available performance, as full power can pull a Tesla's battery down to zero in the time it takes to carry out food from Chick-Fil-A.

Good explanation for people to understand how electric performance feels so different and is "around town" faster.  However if I hop in my most fuel inefficient car and drive to Chicago from Austin, I'll beat the Tesla by 6+ hours.  Still not ready to drop my gas cars for electric.  Batteries are the problem for me.


I think most folks here are well aware of how and why EVs are so quick, and that a small helicopter is faster than both.  Fun Fact: They just don't care. 


My 1992 Honda Civic VX w/ 250k miles on the original engine can beat any EV from my home in Reno to Las Vegas, handily, even if the EV driver speeds as fast as he dares, and I adhere to all speed limits. If we both "top off" in Las Vegas and count the time required (the fair comparison), my time saved is even greater, on the order of 45 minutes.