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The Pontiac Solstice siblings that might have been

We know the Pontiac Solstice as a short-lived, two-seat roadster—and also, briefly, a hardtop coupe—from the early 2000s. The roadster had a reskinned counterpart at Saturn, the Sky, and that variant was also sold in Europe as the Opel GT and in Korea as the Daewoo G2X. There was, however, supposed to be more to that story.


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Yet another failure of GM's inability to produce success.  I believe Bob Lutz was the last true "car guy" in management that GM employed; he envisioned cars that would stir the emotional connection between people and the cars they bought. 

Since the "bean counters" have taken over authority, we have seen car companies do little more than chase profit by copying each others' profit; the end result is most cars looking alike.  Next time you're the road, look at how many white and gray(silver) SUVs you see.  Trucks are now all slowly morphing into the same appearance.  Without external badging, most of us cannot tell the brands apart.

There was a wonderful time when automakers sought to distinguish themselves by their designs, not by their profit margins. My newest car is now 24 years old.  Bob, we miss you dearly.

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