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The Pontiac Solstice siblings that might have been

We know the Pontiac Solstice as a short-lived, two-seat roadster—and also, briefly, a hardtop coupe—from the early 2000s. The roadster had a reskinned counterpart at Saturn, the Sky, and that variant was also sold in Europe as the Opel GT and in Korea as the Daewoo G2X. There was, however, supposed to be more to that story.


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  I've owned a few of the muscle cars from the 60's and 70's, but from the time I saw the first Solstice concept, I saved my nickles and dimes and hoped to have enough to purchase one of the first 1,000 made and put on Donald Trump's "Apprentice".  The day came when ordering could be done.  Unfortunately for me, GM had not anticipated the popularity that the Solstice had generated and the order website crashed.  I still ended up with the first run of Solstice's made and still have and drive it.  Of all the cars I have owned, I love the Solstice best.  It handles like a go-kart and is a super fun car.

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