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The pitfalls and triumphs of driving a classic car on a daily basis | Hagerty Media

It's romantic really, the thought of piloting a classic on a daily basis. Getting those stares as you drive to work, the rumbling of that cam at the stoplight and the conversations that start up at every fuel station. Those are the good times.
New Driver

I beg to differ with the writer.
I have driven a 1948 Riley 2.5 litre as my only car, for most of my life. I got it as a student, and after a few years of adventure (breakdowns, that is)
I learned to know the car so well, that I decided to hang on to it even when I could afford to buy a new (er) car, and it has rarely let me down. I made a few simple modifications as to keep it running easier, and bar an engine revision a good few years ago, it has served me without fail, and I would not hesitate to turn down owning a 57c Bugatti if I had to forsake my own car for it. Acorrding to my bookkeeping record, it has done a little over 425.000 miles to this day, and has seen about the whole of europe, america coast to coast, parts of the middle east, and South Africa to Kenya and back.

I drove a 1970 Monte Carlo for years with no issues.

Parts were easy to find and cheap to buy. The car drove well and was a joy to drive.

Too often some cars can be a challenge for daily driving mostly due to the fact they were a challenge even when they were new.

Some cars need more care and attention. Like a Ferrari Dino. If you drive it daily it will take more money to maintain and much more care than say my Monte did even from the same era.

I know a local here that for years drove a model A. It was great around town and parts were cheap and easy to find.

Same with modified cars. Some can be built for great durability and drive ability but others can be high maintenance difficult cars if the wrong build is done.

Just because a cars old or modified does not exclude it from daily easy drives.

Mark Stielow has proven this with his series of Camaro’s.