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Hagerty Employee

The obscure Ascari Ecosse is a rare, cosmopolitan gem from the '90s | Hagerty Media

Based in England, named after an Italian, powered by the Germans, and managed by a Dutchman, Ascari Cars was almost like an automotive version of the (pre-Brexit) EU. Unfortunately, it was also short-lived, and aside from some video games or an old episode of Top Gear, few people have actually seen one of these multinational supercars.
Advanced Driver

That profile. It looks like something Mr. Fantastic would drive.
Pit Crew

The FGT has a similar wheelbase and overall length, but somehow pulls it off. Maybe it was a little more flared... maybe it had less ground clearance.

I agree Ecosse does look a little stretched.
Advanced Driver

Exactly. Its Ferrari-esq tail is excellent, its supercar front, as well. But from the side? It looks like a van.
Intermediate Driver

I wonder if the owner of that one changed something in the suspension or the wheel/tire combination. They don't normally sit up like a 4x4.
Pit Crew

Does it have lines like the Ford J body? Just more curvy.
New Driver

Yea, this is a beautiful car!
Advanced Driver

Rarity does not guarantee value. Sure, if I had bottomless pockets and a superdome for storage, it would be an interesting addition to a collection. But its profile certainly does not appeal to my taste. I am likely to own, at best, 1 supercar in my lifetime, and it will be one I will drive, and this one would not be a contender.

Committee-built anything rarely looks appealing. Form followed function here, right over the styling cliff of doom.

Certainly has some Noble in its looks.

A bit shorter in the wheelbase would do wonders for the look. That stretched profile really hits you in the face.
What's that saying, long car short........?
Pit Crew

I'm going to have to disagree with a few comments. I own an older hybrid (Pantera) and the looks are similar in that the mid engine placement requires to lengthening of the wheel base. I agree the car sits a little high, but that can be taken care of with some adjustable coil overs, which this car likely has. I tend to like the lean proportions and ground effects that may actually work at speed. Would like to take for a track drive (in the south of Spain). Would be a great trip.
Pit Crew

Pretty, but tall. Looks like Ford of Europe switchgear. The door pulls are Mazda, just like a DB-7.
Pit Crew

The wheelbase length is disproportional.
Intermediate Driver

I usually don't like these types of specialty cars but this one I really like. Good looking and very interesting...would love to see it in person. And how cool would it be to drive it on their private race course!

That shift pattern is a tragedy waiting to happen. Whoever 'upgraded' the transmission should have looked at how other people make shift linkages that work for the driver as well as the gearbox.

The shift pattern would ruin my enjoyment of driving the car, and the proportions would suck the joy from gazing upon it. The seller should have taken the money and run.

Take this t your local car show or track day, and you will most likely be the only one with one! But crash it on track day and I don't think it will be easy to find parts!

Wow this car is all out of proportion!
Intermediate Driver

I agree that the proportions seem off, but this super car has something that is very much missing in modern incarnations: windows that you can actually see out of. That is the vintage feature that I miss most on modern cars. (Okay, the classic lines and the engine roar through the carburetors are way up there too.)
Advanced Driver

Punk says.... from the side it looks like a van. Made me laugh.
The shift linkage/ set-up/ cables or whatever just need to be reversed putting R to the lower left and 1 to the upper left. It really does seem too obvious... like getting the brake and clutch backward.
At least the steering wheel is in the "proper" location (for the left side of the pond)..

In photos 4 and 5 you can just barely make out that the car is dark green, and man is that an ugly color! Probably didn't help the value any.

AWD, mid-engine but quiet cabin, transaxle, easy maintenance motor, transmis choices, no need for high price interior...seems like THAT would be a winner? No interest in niche markets due to price point created? May be start there and design forward? One of the v6 or i4 turbos? V8 later? We're getting to the end of internal combustions tho...

Thank you for the informative piece. Not that I know a damn thing, but I can see why the reserve on this car was not met. For one thing, there are much better stories about short -lived companies that could produce a vehicle that would fetch more than just a company that "just" went out of business. No cocaine deals? No international mystery? Two, the side profile of the car is garish - the front and rear look good and super car-esque, but the other 65% of the vehicle looks like the designed fell asleep. Thirdly, very very few super cars (or legit high end sports cars) look good in green. The last one I saw had machine guns mounted on it and yes, it was a jag

it looks like a Foose inspired panel van
sometimes awkward has its appeal and sometimes it is just awkward
Intermediate Driver

This is truly a finely crafted automobile. Compare it to, for example, the Intermeccanica Italia GFX, which has brought prices close to the offering (but not accepted) bid for the Ascari. No comparable build quality or luxury features in the Italia (albeit 20 years older). I think it looks dashing, and I would love to have one in RHD.
Intermediate Driver

Probably didn't sell because it has a red interior. And while it has a nice look from the rear (which many cars don't), the rest of its styling is a bit unbalanced. (IMO)
Intermediate Driver

While I'm sure the Ecosse is great fun to drive, something about the look of the thing is just a bit off. It's as though the rear half of the car has been stretched a little too far.