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Hagerty Employee

The Nissan Z Proto concept looks even better up close

The latest installment of the Nissan Z is just around the corner. Our best look at it yet, the recently unveiled Z Proto, had everyone here at Hagerty talking about the new design direction for the sporty rear-drive coupe. Nissan recently offered us a first-hand look at the Z Proto concept as it made a pit stop in Los Angeles, with a few caveats. The hood had to stay closed and it was strictly hands-off, but even with those restrictions there was plenty to glean about the future of the Z. Seeing a car in person can produce a very different impression than what comes across in photos, so here are my favorite design details I noticed while up close and in personal with the Z Proto ... Read the full article on


New Driver

This car is so enticing. The amateur designer in me would angle the grill opening to follow the hood line, and change the tail lights to a big circle/little circle GT-R look, and not much else. A lightly optioned manual car in Calsonic Blue, please!