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Hagerty Employee

The new Ineos Grenadier 4×4 rides to the rescue of Land Rover Defender fans

If you thought that the 4×4 had gone soft, drawn into a world of everyday driving, commutes, school runs and chores—think again. The new Ineos Grenadier is here, and its maker claims it’s as tough as old boots. Read the full article on


I like the look (being a fan of the Defender) but is it realistic they can meet that price point?

Community Manager

I feel the same way, especially considering their choice of BMW engines. Even their gas engine must be quite expensive and margin-killing, no matter the relatively basic and cheap design elsewhere. 


New Driver

I really want for this to be real. But I won't be holding my breath for any real life production.


BMW would be pretty far down my list of engine suppliers for a vehicle that might venture beyond the range of AAA service.

Community Manager

Well they are based in the UK, so LS motors and Coyotes will be hard to come by.  That said, I agree and wonder if one of the motors used for UK Ford Transits would have been a better idea.