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Hagerty Employee

The new CT5-V Blackwing is pricey, but GM's V-8 sport sedan forebears are prime for the taking | Hagerty Media

As the era of General Motors' exceptional driver's sedans readies to kick off its 668-hp farewell tour this summer, many enthusiasts find themselves with a renewed hunger for four-door performance with that tried-and-true combo of V-8, rear-drive, and manual transmission.
Pit Crew

None of them. GM hasn't built quality since the early 70's.

Your memory is bad. I had to work on them.
Advanced Driver

I own the V6 version of the G8. I love my car. If you have never driven one, you owe it to yourself to see how GM missed the boat by not advertising this car more as the G8 and then as the SS. It's the best GM sedan that most people don't know about and that is a shame. I would add that mine has 200K miles on it and has been extremely reliable. Those Aussies know how to build a car!

Funny how all these Continental U.S. car company`s tout their image as Americas auto manufacture GM and Ford but yet seem to outsource all their production to foreign country`s. I realize that it`s a world market in today`s economy so quit insulting your customer base with your false claims of being an American company, but then again it`s all about the money....right ? For decades was always loyal to GM products but when Pontiac went away and China and Venezuela (how did that work out for you GM? ) manufacturing became more of a priority to them any customer loyalty base they had disappeared from most GM owners. Now just another car brand.
Pit Crew

The world is shrinking. Unfortunately outsourcing is required to remain competitive. GM still has the most domestic content than any other OE.
Intermediate Driver

I would love to see just how well this $120,000 plus 4 door standard shift beauty sells. I see Fords Edsel written all over it.
Let's face it we and the stick shift are a Dying Breed. Look at the young men of today (if you want to call them men) I would bet the rest of my life that no more than 10% of them can even drive a stick let alone just plain know what one is.
Ok I guess I sound a bit negative on our youth but like others have stated the depreciation the minute you sign the contract is more than most of us even want to think about.

Anti theft device.
Pit Crew

I don't want either one of these !!!! I'm NOT buying my grandfathers 4 door sedan !!!!!!! If I have to build or restore a car to get a 2 door so be it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stick shift Challenger.

you'll appreciate those 4 dr hot rods in the near future when the EV's start flooding the market
New Driver

I thought l bought my dream car in 2015. A commerative SS Camaro Convertible. Worse car l ever bought . It rattled when l got rid of it in 2017 with only 3,000 miles ! You could hardly see out the rear window with the top up . Too much plastic ! My 2002 SC 430 with 100,000 miles better ride , much better view thru rear window all leather & real wood ! I started buying GM in the early 70’s Cadiillacs , Pontiac’s , Oldsmobiles they were great 👍🏿! Today GM sucks !!!!!

Glad I drive a truck, and I think alot of others feel the same. These cars are ugly
Pit Crew

I had an auto G8, fun car, but wished it had a stick. Tried (weakly) to get an SS, but dealers never had any in stock to test drive and wasn't sold on its malibuesque looks. So I just bough the MacDaddy, the BMW M5.

Many here struggle with personal preferences. I get it and I am disappointed cars like this and others are not surviving. But the harsh reality is this is a very different market and customer base. Companies are more worried about survival vs add on performance sales.

Years ago the formula was easy and cheap. Take any RWD car and drop a big V8 in it for add on sales. No emissions, no CAFE and no FWD that created added cost and new platforms being created.

Today they have to do a new platform that sells in limited numbers that creates higher cost. They are much better cars but no longer cheap and they all depreciate fast. Only FCA has a lower priced option as they are using a very old platform. Even then these cars did not add enough to prevent them from seeking a merger to survive.

Racing in general is struggling for ratings and attendance. The market just has changed. The youth is not entering the performance market as fast as the long time members are leaving.

One must be objective looking at this vs just using personal preference.

My hope is EV at some point may be able to offer cheap performance but for cheap traditional it is gone.

Trust me I see this from the inside and know the challenges personally.

Today most new car buyers want safe affordable vehicles with utility. This has led to a growth with trucks and Jeep’s. But it is no a substitute for the old performance market.. Automakers and GM are not idiots. They are folks struggling to keep large companies alive and viable moving ahead in a very challenging market. Their priority is the models with the highest ROI vs the cool to do cars.

When you see companies like FCA merge three times from Benz to Fiat to their latest company. Or Ford struggling at $11 per share you know it is tough out there.

FYI I loved the G8 and had high hopes for the G8 ST truck. But it sadly did not work out. I still have my old Pontiac and memories of my old muscle cars they can not take.
New Driver

That’s not a GXP model in the provided photo, just saying.
Intermediate Driver

I'd trade all my grandkids and the wife as well for a new Blackwing! Oh yeah! Caddy had hotrods even back in the 1950's! V-8's, hot cams and 2- 4 bbls! Ran like stink! Was fun to watch a big sedan smoke the back tires! Well, on second thought, I guess I'd keep the grandkids and the wife who has put up with my strange, according to her, hot rods and Harleys! But I'd sure would like to have the new Blackwing!

Why GM and Ford had their best stuff in Australia when all we could get were Malibu's and Fusions I don't know. It was nice to get the GTO/G8 and then SS but they never seriously advertised them or pushed them. Why they didn't make them here or offer the wilder special editions they had out there I don't know.  Then Ford also made a great RWD Falcon Sedan with a Mustang V8 or 4.0L Inline 6 Turbo engine to choose from. Had they done some of the supercharged V8 versions or Ford done the RWD falcon I probably would have owned one of those two cars.

Advanced Driver

In general used cars are appreciating due to the fact Dealers cannot get new cars for the lot. My 2016 GT RS3 Mustang (Has 3 pedals) has increased to more than what I paid for it New. My Wife's 2018 Edge Sport is selling for what we paid for it new, same with my 2020 Ford Explorer ST, and my daughter's 2018 Escape Titanium which I just bought both in December. And they all have more miles on them.


Wish I had bought a 2017 SS in the fall of 2017, when they were giving 20% off sticker. So, about $40,000 plus tax. Now, 3.5 years later, a low-mileage one will likely be $45-55,000, depending.

Instead of the new Cadillac Blackwing, I would rather have the CT6 Blackwing. AWD for year-round use, plenty of interior and trunk space (unlike the CT5), and to my eyes, better-looking. No stick, but I have an older Mustang GT convertible for the days when I feel the need to shift my own gears - if I can get the car away from my wife!