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The new crate motor by EV West and Revolt fits just like a small-block Chevy

One of the biggest hurdles to EV swaps has been for builders to construct a driveline that can withstand the capable torque of an electric motor, along with the big question of how to mount it in between the frame rails. The solution for a while has been to make custom motor plates under the hood from which that the motor can hang. Then, building a drive adapter to match a motor's output shaft with a driveshaft yoke usually involves spinning off custom-machined parts, which is both expensive and raises the barrier of entry.


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"...would you swap..."

sure, depends on condition of the current and application.

Every automotive Q is answered by the 'application" Q.  What is the final use, purpose, 80% of intended final application? Any build requires that pursuit and conclusion.  The budget and plan are molded around that.  Research must B diligent. At completion (phase I) the wrk continues (phase II) but should not change throughout the build. If it duz it proved the research was poor, the builder fickle or if extended build - a change in technology (new break-thus).  Seen too many 'hack jobs' when not following the foregoing~

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