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Hagerty Employee

The most popular Porsche colors, according to you | Hagerty Media

This is a followup to an earlier story where we attempted to quantify the value of different colors. You can read it here. After observing how much color matters to some Porsche enthusiasts, I decided to investigate if it was possible to quantify how color affects a car's value.
New Driver

I find it hard to believe that Guards Red is everyone's favorite Porsche color, based on the fact that almost all 911's are some shade of silver, gray or blue. Perhaps people aren't actually buying their "favorite" color.

It may relate to where YOU live. I see a lot of Guards Red, as well as various shades of silver. That probably explains why my Cayman is painted white. IMHO, nothing beats the look of a spotless, shiny white Porsche. But, I would be happy to own other models in almost any color (except maybe brown).

Most of the red 911's I see are the older air-cooled models.
Pit Crew

Nothing like a vintage 930 Turbo in a menacing, high-gloss BLACK!

(though I am admittedly biased) 🙂
Intermediate Driver

admittedly biased ... Speed yellow, in most cases you don't have multiple choice when buying used ... therefore, the question should be narrowed to, if buying a new car what color would you choose ...
Recently seen a dark blue 911, very sharp car, but then again, any color 911 would not be turned down in my garage next to our Yellow Boxster =]
New Driver

As an early air cooled 911 owner (1973.5 911T Targa) I'm surprised Light Yellow isn't mentioned. I MUCH prefer it to, for example, Speed Yellow.

And sure enough, my Boxster S is Guards Red with a tan interior--the classic Ferrari combination!
New Driver

For a early 70's 911 you cannot beat Tangerine. I'm surprised it is not scoring higher.
Advanced Driver

You lamentably lumped 900s in with 356s as "air-cooled". Several of the most desirable 356 colors were not even available in the 900 series.
Pit Crew

When I saw the first 944, in factvpretty much 924, 944, and turbo, they were always Guards Red in the magazine. Couple that with the fact they sold a ton of them to save the company back then and you have your numbers. So, I had to have one for myself a few years ago when I got older and still have an '84 with very low miles. Probably one of the best $ per car deals I ever made at $5k. It's easily doubled since.
Intermediate Driver

I'm a big fan of Amethist Metallic. My 968 Cab is presented in this color along with matching top. I've only ever seen one other Porsche in this color. An early 90's 911. It must be a fairly rare color as it took the local Stealer several weeks to get the touch-up paint I wanted...whilst having plenty of the Guards Red, Silver, Black and the Blues. I like rare and unusual. You hardly ever 'see yourself ' coming the other way! Whatever color: I like 'em! Happy Motoring
Pit Crew

Being from the North East I would agree with the assessment of black being one of the most popular, but as Whiplash said I'm also admittedly biased 😎