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Hagerty Employee

The modern GT350 is already on its way to becoming collectible | Hagerty Media

Almost lost in the big Mustang Mach E debut late last year was another Mustang milestone: The final S550-generation GT350 rolled off the assembly line. Introduced in 2015 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the original Shelby Mustang, the new-age GT350 is now itself history.
Pit Crew

My Buddy has one, he’s given me a ride in it but he won’t let me drive it yet, drats! It sounds awesome and goes like a rocket. How can I trick him 🤔😂
Advanced Driver

Modern Ford top performance cars sure are strong buys and fantastic cars. Those people who bought the 2nd and 3rd gen GT's if they could afford them, and even these GT 350's, I'm sure they don't feel sorry for themselves when they walk in the garage or grab the keys.

My dream car!
New Driver

Terrific article with a great deal of production number details.


Having said that does the 23,574 combined GT350 and GT350R production numbers also include the 2020 MY as some of the production numbers listed seem a little on the low side therefore suggesting that not all the 2020 MY production numbers may have been included?


I suggest that there were more than 3511 R models produced for the 6 model years but could be wrong?


Thanks again for a great article.




New Driver

The article doesn’t mention the upgraded Gen 2 motors that the 19 and 20s received.
I believe just because of this in the long run those 2 model years will be the more sought out after and valuable.
Pit Crew

Thank you for reading, everyone! Here is the detailed production data for you, @PP0001:
Feel free to download and share, everything is finalized except for the 2020 stripe info, enjoy!

ARocha, the "Sommers Cut" of this article was dissertation-long. It was chopped down for readability purposes. You are right about the long-term desirability of '19-'20 GT350s. The engine changes implemented from the "Predator" program should have been mentioned in the final draft. These include, but aren't limited to: recast block and cylinder head, improved I-beam connecting rods, a forged crank sprocket, and R-Spec VVT mechanisms, cam covers, lash adjusters, and timing chains across the board. Good catch!


The GT350 is easily my favorite of this current generation of car. Best looking, great handling, high revving V8. There is a lot to love here. I would also want the latter years too, but I suspect I won't be buying one anytime soon.

Not sure if they ever cured the oil consumption issues with these cars.
New Driver

Wonder what the value of the 2011-2014 Shelby GT350 is going to be compared to the 2015-2020?
Haggerty has not put those years in the valuation tool either.
New Driver

Just purchased a 2015 with techno package from a friend of mine…probably overpaid (75k)
but it had 450 miles and was mint..
Can’t wait to get it in the garage!!