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The Model A Ford is the perfect entry to prewar ownership

Henry Ford was determined the Model T would be the last car Ford produced, intending that production would continue indefinitely. This worked for decades, but the low-tech T was handily eclipsed by the advancing designs from other manufacturers in the 1920s. Sales began to falter, despite Ford lowering the price each year, and between the board and Ford’s son Edsel advising him to change direction, Ford relented. The Model A would arrive as an all-new car for 1928.


Changing over production from the Model T to the Model A was not easy. In fact, retooling the factory took the better part of a year. Model T production ended in mid-1927, and not until that October did the first Model A roll off the assembly line. The differences between the two cars may be more significant than you’d expect, but the same improvements that served Ford customers in the late 1920s make the Model A a perfect entry point to prewar ownership.


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Model A’s are great vehicles for anyone to tackle for a first time restoration. 

No special tools needed, parts are available for nearly every part of the car, affordable to buy and nothing technical to the point an average mechanical knowledge can sort out. 

These are a good starting point for anyone.