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Hagerty Employee

The Mercedes-Benz 240D has always been for outsiders

As a vehicle slips down its depreciation curve, the change in buyer demographics is both expected and anticipated. Socioeconomically speaking, most societies value new products over those made just a few years ago. The people who make luxury cars, in some sense, must hope their creations live a charmed and beloved life from start to finish.
Pit Crew

My '77 W123 300D in dark green with the 'bamboo' interior remains my favorite car to this day. Purchased with 130k miles in '87, I drove it another 250k before an inattentive driver ended it. Reliable, easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain, the weakest link were the plastic vacuum lines and rubber fittings. I miss that car.
New Driver

My step-father bought a 1960 180b, gas, and our relatives thought he was crazy. 4 cylinder, 4 on the column, no radio or AC, crank windows, 13" wheels, but we turned the speedometer 3 times and never a rattle. A great car and easy to work on.
Intermediate Driver

Those cars were slow but tough, my cousins were on a road trip in the early 80s and got caught in a high speed crash in a 76 240D, they walked away with no injuries despite totaling the car. I also just saw one yesterday done up a a Gambler 500 car in prototype style dazzle camo with a roof rack and a light mount made out of a snowboard deck.

I had a 240D for a while. I was coming off a couple of high speed rollover accidents, and I looked at the Mercedes as penance for bad behavior. I learned that there were quite a few people who were impressed by the three-pointed-star without being interested enough to know that the car I was driving was a decade older than they thought. I sold it after a few months for a 40% profit to a guy who was having license-points issues that he attributed to his Mustang GT 5.0, and then I bought something that didn't merely gather speed.

I have had two 240D's and although they are quiet slow I find joy in driving them. I also have had a few 300D's and If I could find one with a 4 speed it would be my all time favorite I'm sure. The Mercedes Diesels are bullet proof and have never failed me .