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Hagerty Employee

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S is a sure-fire future classic

There's a lot we don't know about the forthcoming full-fat AMG version of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class. We don't know exactly how much power it will have, nor how fast it will go, nor exactly when it will be introduced. But we do know this: whenever it comes, however much power it has, however fast [...]

Ah, but the biturbo V8 still can't match the almighty roar that emanates from the quad tailpipes of the W204 generation's M156. The P31 Performance Pack Plus used many internals from the SLS AMG and power rose to 487 hp:

...the "507 Edition" lived up to its moniker with peak HP, and the Black Series was simply another level of insane. C&D clocked the standard C63 to a 3.7s 0-60, they only got more wicked from there, with a baritone bark, "a voice like velvet woven from razor wire."

For my money the last of the "big-block" naturally aspirated V8 AMGs will hold as much or more fascination with collectors (and personally, I think the facelifted W204s are better looking than W205s).
Pit Crew

I don't understand what so many auto journalists have against revs in a performance vehicle.
I don't have anything against the 4.0T generation but the 6.2L sounded better and its power delivery was hardly peaky. The W204 C63 is going to be the more sought after version.