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Hagerty Employee

The legendary Buick Y-Job was the original concept car

It has plenty of nicknames. Fireball. Laboratory on wheels. Y-Job.


Plenty of adjectives have been used to describe it. Sleek. Advanced. Revolutionary. The word “stunning” works too.


The Buick Y-Job—built in the late 1930s and so called because General Motors designers took it one step beyond an experimental (X) car—ushered in the idea of the modern concept car. It’s the latest automobile featured in Up Close, the Historic Vehicle Association’s text-based storytelling video series about vehicles in the National Historic Vehicle Register.


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Intermediate Driver

When I worked for EDS in the early 90's, the Y job was sitting in the lobby at the Buick Admin building where I worked across from Buick City. I was fascinated with the car. It is fantastic to look at.