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Hagerty Employee

The Ladies of Broughamville

I got the car brochure collecting bug very early in life. One reason was that I came from a family of gearheads, so it was partially due to genetics.
Intermediate Driver

I said this very thing last week. Was sitting at a light, in my Grey BMW with Black interior.... surrounded by similar makes and models all Black, Grey, Greyish.... no character, no "Ohhhh Yeaaaaa! Look at that." And now the ads USUALLY include a "strong" woman in the driver's seat... "rescuing" a mild mannered, meek man or worse.... insulting and trashing them. The cars are all boring and even the "super cars" all look alike now..........

Ah, the obligatory photo of the model standing through the sunroof. Auto shows were much more fun when the models were present. 

Pit Crew

For a long time I had the lead photo as the background on my computer. At work.
Never was questioned about it. Had to bring some joy into an insurance office.
Though I never had seen the '78 LTD one...
Give me a well dressed woman any day!
Tom, you and I are the same age, and apparently are attired much the same. So you certainly aren't alone there.
I went to purchase a tin of shoe polish today and got looked at like I was an alien when I asked where it was kept. But I digress.
The lack of colors in cars and the advertising of them is depressing.

The '78 LTD one probably would have had a place under my bed had it been a few years earlier in my life!  Wow!  As we march onward into the boring abyss of political correctness, painted all about with what I call "agreeable gray", I feel lucky to have been one of those who can say he remembers when car ads were indeed given some thought, style, creativity, and pizazz.  Nice hobby.  🤔


Love that you kept it to an era.

Cars were still being sold as a lifestyle accessory. You wanted this life? You needed this car. Brougham was upscale, personal luxury let's all be posh --and yes, muscle was dead due to rules but also possibly (which many won't concede) as a design style [at least to the companies who wanted out of date design thinking so they could sell the next thinking]

Yes these ads might not all be politically correct today --but look at the muscle era Dodge ads from a bit earlier (way more risque/inappropriate depending on your point of view).

Yet the experts wonder why an "old platform" like the Charger siblings continues to sell. It is one of the few vehicles out there with lifestyle branding (and colours). Dodge could literally put out one new colour every year and a set of rims and keep selling those as-is for decades. The audience there isn't going to be swayed by whatever new electronic gadget the marketing overlords seem to think drives sales today.

Kia Kona ads introducing that model around here did this: bright colours on the vehicle in the ad, urban setting and youthful music. Driven by fashionable youth. Messaging about this being the car for you. The ads weren't preaching to granny.
Intermediate Driver

"Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade." I feel that way daily, LOL and I was born in the 50's! Went to church this morning (already I'm in a marginalized group) and wore a jacket and tie. Never thought I'd see the day when that made me an oddball...I couldn't agree more with the points made in this article. Long for the days when women (and men) dressed like it, and there were cars in the showrooms that I actually longed to own. Thankful that I won't be here to see the state of things in another 50 years! Also thankful for the old car hobby, which keeps much more alive for many of us than just the cars themselves. It's the connection to better times in our country that make this hobby so great.

@RickN - you sir, are not an oddball.  You are a traditionalist, for certain, but there's nothing wrong with that.  I was just talking yesterday with some friends who (along with me) are from your generation, and remember each decade since the end of WWII.  While we conceded that there are many wonderful things that have come along in our later years, there are also many things that have "progressed backwardly", as one of the guys put it.  We consider ourselves lucky to have alive in the era where the things you cite were our pleasure to consider "the good life".

   No sir, you are not an oddball at all.  Put on your coat and tie every Sunday, and proudly show the "modern world" that those of us who followed the Greatest Generation still have some class and that we're not ashamed to show it!    🤗

Intermediate Driver

Appreciate that, thanks! It's comforting to know that there are still a few of us out there...

Reminds me of my grandfather who loved to argue that the Beatles ruined modern music and the world would be a better place if everyone listed to Sinatra. Sadly, he passed at 100 years old a few years ago.

   In my opinion, the world was a better place because we could listen to Sinatra and the Beatles!  One of my favorite things in life is to know I can get Big Band, Swing, Jazz, R&B, Country and Western, Scat, Dance Band, Rock and Roll, and a few other marginal types of music at the touch of a dial to listen to.  I was not into Disco, Pop, Hip Hop, or Rap- but I'm glad that those who like them can get them as easily as I can get all the others.

   I'm glad your grandfather loved Sinatra and his ilk, I did too - but I think he might have missed out on some pretty good stuff on the "modern music" scene.  May he R.I.P., and I'm glad you got to know him for so many years!

Pit Crew

Great article. I too had an affair with car brochures. Growing up in the 70’s, every year my father would take us to The New York International Auto Show at the New York Coliseum. I would collect them all, then go home and spread them out all over my bedroom floor. Boy, I wish I still had that 1975 Pontiac one.
Advanced Driver

Wow, total time machine! Many thanks!
New Driver

What a great article! Cars of the 70's. I remember our family owning a few of these featured cars. Nothing like those leather seats!
Advanced Driver

Wonderful article, Thomas! "I Remember..." the era quite well. Granted the cars were almost rolling living rooms, with better upholstery than my parent's had in their home, but oh....The Style!
And , of course, the lovely ladies in their elegant attire.

- Jim