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Hagerty Employee

The inside story of a “new original” Ferrari Breadvan

Dutch Designer Niels van Roij has built a reputation on crafting one-off, coachbuilt automotive artworks for the well-heeled. His Tesla and Rolls-Royce shooting brakes are sleek, stylish, and sympathetic to the original source cars.


Now, van Roij is putting the final touches on a very special Ferrari 250 GT SWB tribute. The Breadvan Hommage is neither restomod nor continuation, but a “new original,” he says. “It’s a very fresh translation. It’s not a retrospective car. It’s really trying to take the right cues and take them into the future,” he adds.


The story began over two years ago when a client saw the original Breadvan race at Goodwood and decided that he wanted a modern interpretation of the car that he could daily drive ... Read the full article on


Pit Crew

The side view in the lead off picture makes it look more like it was based on a C6 Corvette to my eyes.


Oh my, I love that car!!


Manual transmission!  Certainly love that!

Advanced Driver

Reminds me somewhat of a Volvo P1800ES. A lot classier and just a tad faster than the Volvo though.... But I can afford a P1800ES!!


First and Foremost; I LOVE IT!


Love Wagons, always have, and those silhouette wagons like the Motorama 'Mad 'Vette, the Firebird T/A Type K, and hey, what about the Disco 'Vette with the Wagon rear, Greenwood style flares, and a Big Block from a few weeks ago; still no love?


Pretty sure you guys published a piece on the Type K a couple years ago, it was based on a 3rd Gen, and one served as the Pace Car for IMSA, piloted by former Racer Extraordinaire Dave Arnold of Brubaker-Cole the Ad Guys for Bridgestone/Firestone and the Firehawk Series.  Would have made an excellent addition to the Firebird line.


If Only...


One thing, though; sounds like a very lengthy and painstakingly diligent process to go through for a Behind that came off a Cobra 'Daytona' Coupe (did Pete Brock 'hommage' the Bread Van?), and could be had from the Fine Folks at Factory Five...


Just Sayin'...


How do we arrive at the term "One-Off"?  The original terminology was "One Of A Kind".

Why are we saying "one-off"?