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Hagerty Employee

The good kluge that fixed the bad kluge

A few weeks ago, I wrote about troubleshooting a hard-start problem in my 1972 BMW 2002tii and referred to a modification that I performed-installing a push-button that manually fires the cold start valve. This kind of mod is sometimes referred to as a "kluge."

A " Hella-va" good ploy. I think a good Kluge should 1- Work, 2- Be safe and 3. Be out of sight. Love live Mickey Mouse shortcuts.
Intermediate Driver

Sorry the original Kludge was not bad and I wouldn't call this one good. The original kept the bulb in the designed location. That means its filaments were in about the right place for the reflector and lens to do their job properly and give the correct light distribution and intensity. The new location is not correct for the light's housing to work as designed with it moved from the focal point and the filaments oriented improperly.

The original Kludge didn't make any new holes in said housing, thus allowing it to be returned to stock if desired. This required drilling a hole.