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Hagerty Employee

The Game Is Sold: Open your eyes!

Over my years selling cars, I often ran into vehicles that I never particularly liked for reasons really unbeknownst to me. Unexamined reasons, I guess you could say. You know you have these preconceptions, but you don’t know from whence they came. Example: I used to have a huge bias against Audi in particular. I hated the VW platforms most of their lineup sat on, I didn’t really like the way they looked, and the reliability horror stories made me stay away. I was that way for a long time—until I had my mind changed.


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The XC90 was a great snow car--very secure in a blizzard. My sister and her family drove from Pittsburgh to their home in northern Virginia in one from around 2000 during Snowmagedon. But repairs started costing a lot when the car had maybe 120k on it, and they traded it. 

Maybe they should have kept it--based on the 400k example? 

Hagerty Employee

The seats in the outgoing generation of the Volvo V60 were the most comfortable I've ever plopped my bum into, bar none. Could drive that wagon cross-country with nary a cramp. If you do a lot of highway miles, that's reason alone to snag one.