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Hagerty Employee

The Game Is Sold: (Dope) dealer’s choice.

I’m Ethan. Nice to meet you. I sold drugs and did various other crimes as a young adult, but I let it go so I could sell cars to North Carolina’s finest criminals. That S550 on Forgiatos in front of a housing project? I sold it. Your weed man just pulled up in a $60,000 QX80? Money in my pocket. That 7-Series blowing out blue smoke near a luxury shopping mall? It was me. This is a deep game—and the game is sold, not told.


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New Driver

Thank you very much for this article. It is more powerful than all anti-drug advertisements combined. Real story of a drug dealer. Show it to all your friends and relatives and they will never sell or use drugs! - I can also recommend you this article. It shows how dangerous drugs can be. 

Intermediate Driver

I'm so stoked that a familiar name, a cold war relic, has resurfaced here. Now, to rummage through your archive.