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Hagerty Employee

The Future of AMG: Mythos, Maybachs, and EVs

Mercedes-Benz is culling some of its more affordable offerings in a move further upmarket, while taking its AMG sporting division to a higher plane, too. In a presentation to shareholders titled "The Economics of Desire" the German brand set out its vision for a future that is electrified, connected, and even more luxurious.

What standards are promoted when an unashamed campaign entitled “The Economics of Desire” is modeled?
They haven't any conscience. It's simply "Hey; everybody wants these, so to hell with financial circumstance."

The "Greed is good" message hasn't only roosted; it's hatched many, and they're not all vegetarian.

Another iteration of — "Let them eat cake..."

It's a catch-22.

Nothing is duller than boring "aerodynamic" soap blobs of vehicles sold on their passenger assist merits and fractional mpg differences.

Vehicles sold for their coolness, cutting edge styling, you need this to fit in, exclusivity, straight line performance, etc. are going to be offensive to some. It's the motorcyle "you get it or don't" thing.

I would much prefer brand identity mean something again and we get some truly different options. Mitsubishi make the rally/off road inspired aggressive I will watch all the Fast & Furious movies again vehicles, Dodge give us the colourful muscle (oh wait...), Mazda make the zoom zoom smaller things that excel as day 2 track toys, Mercedes go super posh show off... and so on.


2nd post as I am not trusting this auto-bleeping forum at the moment...


And if the brands truly pushed identity (or identities... as you know Chev will go back to having several across the models) then it would be easy to articulate why you don't like a particular one such as Audiobycarmine pointing out how "The Economics of Desire" isn't going to float all boats.


The asterisk headlights are a fun idea (Benz logo).


But it does look like a cartoon character when they die and they draw the eyes funny.