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The folding-hardtop Mustang convertible that never was | Hagerty Media

In the mid-'60s Ford was on top of the world, still riding high on the Mustang's 1964 introduction. In an attempt to keep the model fresh for 1966, Blue Oval top brass tasked Ben J. Smith, one of its designers who worked on the late-'50s Ford Skyliner's power folding roof, to create a retractable hardtop for the Mustang.
Intermediate Driver

I met Ben and David Smith and saw Retractable Prototype No. 2 at the Mustang 35th Anniversary Celebration at Charlotte in 1994. The car was eggshell blue, with a black top & black standard seat interior. It might have been a 6 cylinder - there was no engine badge on the front fenders.
The car's license plate said "CTHETOP" - that sums it up rather nicely.