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The first Pilot Car Camaro was the start of something big

Throughout history, competition has always improved quality, no matter the product. So as difficult as it may be for Camaro enthusiasts to admit, we owe some gratitude to that upstart pony car from Ford. The unfathomable success of the Mustang motivated General Motors to counter punch with a sweet pony car of its own, and the result was a fabulous four-seater with a long hood, short decklid, and prominent rear quarter panels. Car buyers confirmed that Chevrolet hit the bullseye, as more than 220,000 Camaros were sold in its 1967 debut model year.


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If Camaro owes its’ creation to mustang, then let us pay homage to where ford got its’ “Better Idea”......the inexpensive, sporty Corvair !

Pit Crew