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The first-gen Camaro was a compromised "committee car," according to Bill Mitchell and Irv Rybicki

The first-generation Camaro’s history is well-trodden. From the minute Pete Estes issued his famous press release and video conference, featuring the 1966 rollout of “Norwood ‘F’ Car Pilot-Production Unit”, there’s been no shortage of enthusiasm for Chevrolet’s second-most iconic nameplate. That is, except from the people who designed the first model. When Bill Mitchell and Irv Rybicki—VPs of GM's Styling Section—talked about the 1967–69 Camaro and related Firebird, they dismissed it.


“I can't remember what the hell they look like," Mitchell said in 1985. In his view, the spark of the original design was extinguished by compromises from all sides. "It's a committee car."


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Love that ferocious grille but miss the hips. In hindsight, still a compromise to me.

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