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Hagerty Employee

The first drive-thru banking window was introduced 75 years ago ... or was it?

We considered a drive-thru approach to this story until we learned that there's plenty of disagreement about who was first to offer it. So, we stopped the car-so to speak-and took a longer look into the history of the invention that allows a consumer to remain inside their vehicle while banking, shopping, or getting something to eat.
Pit Crew

Very cool article to read while I'm at work! (I work at a drive-thru bank) ... BTW the world needs more drive thru convenient stores like in the photo!
Advanced Driver

No wonder people are getting Sooo FAT-

   I could not care any less about who/when claims to be first - all I know is that I saw Fred Flintstone get an order of Brontosaurus Ribs at a drive-in with my own eyes!
   But the mention of Kirby's Pig Stand does remind me of a topic that I was thinking of bringing up - that of unique drive-in restaurant names and/or themes. To get the ball rolling, I'm submitting a pic of this place in Baker City, Oregon.  Apparently it was quite the hangout back in the day!




   How about it - anyone out there got some examples of this sort to share?


That drive through Dairy market is pretty crazy to me. Enjoy the fumes!

Which actually addresses the grammatical error of "drive-thru" banking, etc. The Dairy store is an actual "drive through", whereas the banking, and most others would be considered "drive up" offerings. Drive-thru banking would really only facilitate more convenient robberies. And, agreed, working in the fumes from mid-sixty cars would have been amazing, and lethal.

Excellent distinction. Words matter.
Intermediate Driver

Any one herd of the Brew Thru drive thru stores where they will hand you beer and ice through your window. Love them.
Intermediate Driver

I was recently pondering the question of whether Jack in the Box was the first to introduce a speaker to place your order ahead of the pick-up window. I wish they all would put a second menu further back so we can study it before reaching the microphone.
Growing up on Long Island, we had Dairy Barns. You weren't actually inside the building but between two halves.

My wife and her sister once had a drive-in restaurant (with a dining room in the back) that was built in the '50s (at least - maybe even earlier).  It had three speakers on poles along the drive-up lane.  They were ancient technology by the time we came to the place in the '70s - so crackly that it was often easier to walk out to the cars in line and take the orders.  I don't now when Jack In The Box started, but there sure as heck weren't any of them around our area in the 1950's, so I kinda doubt that they were "the first".  Lots of the old drive-ins had them well before the modern chain places even existed.

Pit Crew

Dairy Barn in Long Beach next to the Bohack's, the became an abandoned gym, across from the A&P that became a photo lab then insurance company. Best half gallon of chocolate chip ice cream would be delivered to our car if we behaved while the boring shopping was done next door!
Intermediate Driver

Regarding A&W 1920 comment...Drive-in and drive-thru are two different concepts. Drive-in requiring you park and have carhops bring your meal.

That's an interesting point and news to me.  For many decades, I've thought I was going to "the drive-in" to get food and/or drinks while in the car (without carhops).  I'm gonna have to adjust my thinking - but gonna be honest: it'll be difficult.  Old habit die hard!


A&W, oh the memories.