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Hagerty Employee

The final Pontiac Fiero, still plastic-clad, could be yours

America’s first mid-engine production car, the Pontiac Fiero, was introduced 36 years before the mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette became the darling of the automotive media. Although early iterations of the 1984–88 Fiero took a lot of heat (much of it justified), loyal enthusiasts still lament the sports car’s passing, especially since the Fiero was finally meeting expectations—in build quality and performance, not in sales—when Pontiac pulled the plug ... Read the full article on



The ’88 GT is equipped with a 135-hp, 2.8-liter V-6...

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You are right, so I am fixing that right now! Thank you! 

Pit Crew

it's amazing that a 1988 Pontiac Fiero has better styling cues than the 2020 makes me wonder if GM stying assigns one team to do the team to do the rear and they don't like each other...


How many examples need to be built for a car to be considered a "production" car? (The Ford GT of the 60s told me to ask for him.)

New Driver

I had a 86 Fiero GT, Red and Silver 5 speed.  I sold a Nissan Pulsar for $5000 and bought the Fiero with 21,000 miles on it for $7500, so I had like a $100 car payment for 2 years.  I loved my Fiero.  I drove it until I had 140,000 miles on it, and sold it for $3,000 so we could buy a Jeep Cherokee when we were expecting out first child.  Everything still worked and I had maintained it well. Fixed all the chalking clear coat, wrinkling steering wheel cover and failed A/C. I wouldn't pay $15k for one, but I enjoyed mine for what it was!


I remember being a car salesman when these Fiero's were new. I drove one on the 405 in Irvine traffic and was amused how if you stabbed the gas on and off, the car would buck like a mechanical bull!! Quite amazing but unimpressive. A nice cute cheap corporate car with sporty "pretence"


My wife and I now own our 2nd 1985 Fiero Gt.  We sold the first when we had kids.  She has wanted another since it was gone. 18yrs later we have another one in the driveway.  After the initial issues with the underpowered 1984s the Fiero turned into a fun little sports car.  With the V6 and Manual trans it is so much fun to drive.  We love ours.  This one is never leaving.  I dare you to drive one and not smile.


I have an 88 GT -  I am very interested in this sale. My vehicle only has 1660 original verified miles is pretty much brand new. I had an 84 Red SE and even with all the electrical issues, I loved that car but I had to trade it in for something more reliable. 


I have a 'late production' E37 '88 built in March, after Pontiac had indicated it would cease production.  Since we had a very robust Racing Program, for the time, we were allowed not only one of the last 'stripper' models, but a crated 2L Turbo Engine and 'bench-built' Hydramatic to go along with it.  The car was drop-shipped to John Link Pontiac in OR, where it was picked up by Bob at Red Shift Ltd.  I drove up to OR with the engine, and the trans was shipped there directly.  When the conversion was complete, the car was thoroughly road-tested and vetted (but not, 'Vetted'), and offered for sale up there.  Long story short, things didn't work out, so I again traveled to OR, picked up the car, repatriated it to our Shop, did some minor revisions, and drove it as my Daily Commuter for several years.  When my eldest daughter was in High School, it was gifted to her (Dads, the Fiero is an IDEAL car for Daughters; just sayin'...), and she drove it for a couple years, before returning it to me.


Still have it...