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The feeling of success from building your own tools is worth the grind

Just about every repair or maintenance job on a car requires tools. If you're like me, your garage is piled with stacks of tools on shelves and in neat organizers. Dozens of wrenches, sockets, and even a slew of specialty items that are intended for only one task.

Humans have been using tools for roughly three million years. Advanced use traces goes back 10,00 years. Maybe these primitive roots explain why building one's own tools provides a satisfaction unlike anything else for the home do-it-yourselfer.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

Thanks for the encouragement, Kyle!


I'm going to have to build a tool almost identical to yours to hold the cam sprockets on my Toyota 5M-GE engine when I change the timing belt. I've had this in mind for a few months now, and since it's finally warmed up enough to work in the garage again, I'm gonna get crackin' on this.


I have the metal stock, bolts that fit, and a length of all-thread if I need it. All I needed was a little nudge, and you just gave it to me.


- Jim

Intermediate Driver

Nice job! 

Pit Crew