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Hagerty Employee

The famous "Flying Mustang" almost breaks its own record

We all know the 1965 Mustang. It's an indisputable icon of both the classic car world and America as a whole; after all, Ford sold over 680,000 copies of its pioneering pony car for the extended '65 model year after being introduced midway through 1964.
Advanced Driver

Hey Andrew, someone may have "waived" those fees, but I have never known them to wave at anyone.

That nit-picking aside, that's indeed a great vehicle, but with $3.75 MM. most of us could buy a ten-car storage facility and ten cars to go in it. It's amazing how much money is out there for collector cars.

" much money is out there for collector cars."

Well, a million dollars isn't what it used to be.

Take a look at the sticker of a top of the line pickup.
For those my age who can recall when $10,000 was a lot of money for a car...a $80k truck seems expensive.
Yes, I know I sound like the old guys when I was in high school talking about buying a new Ford for $650 or a friend of my father in law who bought a Gull wing for $6000 in the '60s. Likewise, a neighbor, a captain in the Air Force, had an Aston Martin DB4 in his garage next to his daily driver, a 1966 Corvair.

Yes, there is a lot of money out there...but there always has been.

I'm getting serious Highlander vibes. For performance Mustangs, this is the Alpha. "There can be only one."

Surprised it didn't break the record, but still it went for a bunch of money. Great car, especially it's history.
Intermediate Driver

Underneath its a Falcon.

So is a real Maverick. Had to put the (real) in there cause Ford is the only manufacturer that infringes on it's own copy rights by the name they chose for that new imitation (truck)?
New Driver

What was a million $ as alot in the day is now a billion $ and soon to be a trillion $. Where does it end?