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Hagerty Employee

The end of the cheap Miata is near

When Vivian Topaz was 14, she told her father she wanted a Miata. He immediately vetoed the idea. "He said, 'You're not getting a Miata. It's a hairdresser's car,'" she recalls, "I said, 'No! It's the cutest car ever.' I found one in Ojai on a dirt lot.

Prices will continue to rise even without the BaT bump. As cars are forced to lose their soul people are going to be seeking out what has it and ultimately some electric Toaster isn't going to fill that need. It's a low cost rear wheel drive experience and that is something to get excited about.
Intermediate Driver

Miata’s are immensely popular, having a pleasing aesthetic, with simple mechanicals, and are easy to maintain, or customize. “Odd to think about a car built in such large numbers…graduating to collectible status” I’m a bottom feeder, that can only justify one car at a time hobbyist / enthusiast. 20+ years ago I bought my first Miata because at that time I couldn’t justify the cost if a ’55-7 Chevy, or ’64-8 Mustang, forget about anything being built in lesser numbers with the same attributes. I also remember in the early ‘80’s lusting over a MB 190 SLs because of those same attributes and all my “friends” telling me not to buy one of those 4CLY “hairdresser” cars, I kick myself every day. 20 years older, I didn’t listen to the same “friends” saying the same things about the Miata. After I bought one every time one of them made fun of me, I said nothing, and tossed them the keys. Every one of them bought a Miata, they thank me every day.
Intermediate Driver

Miata is always the answer. That statement is more true today then it was when I purchased my 1990 back 15 years ago. I have other cars but this one always brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. I do remember taking it to car shows and being told it's too NEW or tunerisk to be accepted in. Still to this day there are a few at local events who just look at it and don't give it a 2nd glance....and I have the other cars they do gawk at too! I'd sell all my others and keep just this one and still be happy! How many can say that about there collection? I bet not many.
Still I see the prices rising. Not a fan of that (I liked it when it was a secret). Still it's fun to drive past some of those nay sayers and just smile and wave!!!
1 thing wrong with the hobby...inclusion is key....were all CAR people..even the tunerish crowd...get over it!!!
Thanks for the stop giving away our secrets 😉
IF it has wheels I'm into it!!
Advanced Driver

I suspect that it's the manual shift cars that are jumping in price as they become "enthusiast" cars vs "cheap transportation" vehicles, and there will be bargains to be had in the two pedal variety for those who merely want a fun, inexpensive open car to drive.
Intermediate Driver

Really enjoyed driving my Miata. I bought it for my wife to drive because she didn't enjoy driving the Corvette. It didn't take long for me to take the Miata out and leave the Corvette at home. We even used it for a vacation up to Maine instead of the Vette. Just a really fun car to drive. I sold it because she couldn't shift any more due to a bad back. My mistake.
New Driver

I've had my 2008 6 speed, power retractable top MX-5 since new. Folks are always asking how I like it. I've coined a phrase to answer with: "It's the most fun you can have driving without breaking the law."
Intermediate Driver

I've had an NA for about 8 years and definitely noticed a change in how it is viewed over that time. It was just a used car when I picked it up and now people go out of their way to comment. Interesting to see the shift.
Sounds like I need to increase my agreed upon coverage again.
Pit Crew

Thought I wanted an early Miata until I found about the airbag issues.

Apparently, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find working air bag modules for 1990-1997 Miatas.

I ended up buying a BMW Z3 for less than the cost of a comparable Miata.

My Z3 is six cylinders, 184HP, 5-speed and a complete blast to drive. Just a lot of bang for the bucks.
Intermediate Driver

I'm pretty sure that green car is my NB's twin sister. And despite this article, the NB will remain the sweet spot in the lineup, unless the ND's depreciate - drastically.

To be be honest the thing to affect Miata prices will be this. The end of the new Miata.

Something yo consider. Mazda shared the latest car with Fiat to keep the platform alive. The Fiat realty is not doing well and is a rare sight on the roads. This is a sign Fiat my not move ahead. If Mazda has no replacement for the Fiat this could be the end.

Also putting a battery large enough to make for a decent range could prove to large and heavy for a small light sports car to really survive well.

Here is the deal on the older models. #1 conditions and rare or special popular editions will climb. As conditions drop so will the prices.

One has to remember the Miata has sold in great numbers so there is a ton of them out there. Granted many have rusted in some areas but there are still many. Like a C5 Corvette supplies are still good. A Z06 can bring bigger money but an average C5 can still be a great deal at $12k.

Also other cars are all going up. Even 88 Fiero’s are pushing $20k today in good condition and T Tops.

The other problem is if the price goes up too much then this brings in other interesting sport models to buy.

I really think if the car is discontinued this will be what pushes the fans of the car to the used market and to higher prices as demand is the control of value. 

Intermediate Driver

Always wanted a V6 Fiero. 🙂